The Girls

Ruby is one of my favorite girls. Despite this drawing being in need of some adjustment (Ruby’s eye, as sly as it is, is too big and cast too far to the side), I love her nose and her mouth is the most expressive of all I have drawn. I’m particularly partial to the colors she is adorned with. The earthy tones suggest late summer and early fall, bonfires and harvest moons. Ruby is a practitioner of the magic arts where she is proficient in ritual and ceremony. Some have called her enchantress, sorceress, witch. But she is sought out and respected by those who know her as Shaman and healer. She is rumored to be a descendent of Marie Laveau and she too makes her home in New Orleans where she is intoxicated by the dripping moss, dense foliage and antiquities. She roams the bayous and swamps in search of her “medicines”, strolls historic haunts studying their history, decay and secrets. She revels in the architecture and intricacy of the wrought iron gates and balconies and ponders the private stories that are concealed within. However, late night provides her favorite pastime: listening and dancing to the electrifying sounds of Cajun, Zydeco and the Blues heard deep in the back country and underground of her beloved city. And oh the beignets, don’t even get her started about the beignets!