The Girls

Polly is a country girl. In spite of being born in the city, tall buildings, concrete, trees in cages and pocket parks never boded well with her. They only increased her itch to be surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature. After visiting a working farm for the first time as a child, Polly knew where she was destined. She bought a pair of overalls and never took them off. Now she milks cows, collects eggs, and goes fishing every day with her hounds. She is surrounded by flowers and grows a self-sustaining vegetable garden from which she cans her bounty. She makes intricate patchwork quilts and beautiful afghans. Each animal has a name and she loves them all. She knows the words to every Patsy Cline song and travels to any bluegrass festival within 100 miles. At night she falls asleep under the stars with her dogs while listening to the music born of darkness.