The Girls

Lulu is everybody’s favorite girl. The sky blue background really compliments her autumnal crown. Her nose is a little more defined than some of the previous girls and her mouth is just simply scrumptious. Her dress is cheeky and fashionable. She too, like several of the others who came before her, is a playful nature-loving sprite.


Lulu is the first girl to show a glimpse of a second eye. I’ve never drawn two eyes together on the same face and perhaps this is a good a place as any to explain why. People have postulated that it is because the girls seem more mysterious with only one. They’ve questioned if they were hiding from something. Maybe, others suggested, they were concealing or repressing a secret. Those that know me well hypothesized that the girls like me, might be a little afraid to come into their own, to truly reveal themselves to the world. Truth be told, not one of those things ever crossed my mind (although it did give me pause to think about in retrospect). The reason why I never gave my Girls two eyes is far less complicated and psychological. I barely knew how to draw one eye, so the challenge of drawing two and having them look the same in size, shape and placement seemed just too daunting. There you have it. My great secret revealed! Lulu’s second eye is peeking out because I was emboldened after 24 previous drawings to feel I had garnered enough skill to give it a try. Still, it’s only a peep of an eye. Maybe one day I’ll be audacious enough to try for two.