The Girls

Jane is one of my favorite Girls. Something about the process began to shift when I created her. For one, I started playing around with the idea of using a background. Secondly, she marked my transition away from spontaneity with a return to a more measured attention to detail. The need to create “quickly” diminished, and instead was replaced with my familiar process of scrupulousness. I didn’t know what to make of this. I was annoyed with myself at first for not being able to make something without thinking. I wanted to be more unrehearsed and impetuous. But I soon realized I enjoyed the meditation of precision and embraced my style.


Jane is mysterious and wise. She is effortlessly cool and definitely not shy. She has an opinion and isn’t afraid to voice it. She thinks outside the box and her choices are very rarely mainstream. She is a free-thinker. She loves Leonard Cohen whose music she finds dark and reverent at the same time. She takes delight in flea markets and thrift stores. She wears vintage dresses, Doc Marten boots and hats. She loves hats. I think I’ve seen her smoking a few times but always with the addition of a cigarette holder, and I know she favors tequila. Jane hears every word you say, even when you think she isn’t listening. She’s not afraid of anything and she kicks ass. You can be certain, Jane has one helluva story to tell!