The Girls

Eve is a goddess. She’s meticulously perfect. She’s complex, detailed and luminous. She is almost otherworldly. Ethereal in her beauty and bearing. She thinks before she speaks and when she does it is with integrity and genuineness. She is incredibly sensitive in all aspects of the word. She is in tune with her surroundings and is very intuitive. She can pick up feelings, energy, and thoughts about the world around her that others don’t often experience. She has a highly developed capacity for empathy. Tears flow freely for Eve. Not just when she is saddened or can see that you are, but when anything stirs her heart in a profound way. Witnessing joy, seeing the beauty of a sunset or other natural wonder, the sound of laughter, a happy ending in a movie all can evoke an overwhelming sense of exquisiteness in her that she can not contain. If you’ve ever seen her at a Leonard Cohen performance you’ll know exactly what I mean.