The Girls

This is the first Girl where I really experimented with background coloring. I won’t say it is an improvement because this series is an evolution in technique and design. But it became an enhancement that was a pivotal turning point in all my work going forward.


America is Delilah a decade later. There’s been some growth and life experience that has tempered and mellowed her a bit. She still follows the Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers as she knew she would, but her musical tastes have become more expansive and eclectic. Gospel, Bluegrass and Reggae keep her dancing now. She’s passionate about Bob Dylan, and the Blues just won’t let her be.


Delilah is totally unique. She goes to flea markets, estate sales, political protests and peace rallies. She’s traveled cross country more than once and has become a foodie. Nothing is too spicy for her liking or too off the beaten path to try. She favors local flavor in small out of the way places where simplicity creates its own ambience and character. She loves to camp, hike, fish, and explore. She says YES to adventure. And YES to life (as long as she can play by her own rules)!