Nadine is one of the girls I would like to work on some more at a later date. I love her sultry colors and headdress, but her neck and face are too long and her eye is far too big. When I drew her my execution was still pretty loose, but looking at her now in retrospect as my technique has developed, I see how she might benefit from a little nip and tuck-I mean after all, we do live in Boca!
Yet that said, Nadine is dignified and composed. She tends to be a bit reticent which is offset by her aptness for listening. She is calm, collected and perfectly coiffed at all times. She likes mojitos and listening to the Buena Vista Social Club. She is an admirer of cultural antiquities and has an oddly diverse group of friends. One in fact who creates “living jewelry”- large beetles bejeweled and worn as brooches. I can picture her on a barge floating with Cleopatra down the Nile or as a backup singer for Erykah Badu. She moves with dignity and grace and her presence is felt long after she’s gone.
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