One of my all-time favorite girls. Delilah is your stereotypical bohemian nonconformist of the 60’s. She embodies all the slogans and epithets of that genre, e.g. “Make Love Not War”, “Be Here Now”, “Give Peace a Chance”. She is a Hippie, a Flower Child and a Deadhead. She wears flowing dresses, flower haloes, tie-dyed T-shirts and patchouli. Her spirit is buoyant. She LOVES music and nobody more than The Grateful Dead. She dances, she twirls and bounces when she walks, always with their song on her lips and their music in her head. She follows them to concert halls, auditoriums, and indoor stadiums but her favorite venues are the large outdoor festival shows. Delilah can always be found in front of the stage. This is her happy place. A consistently euphoric experience that resonates with every fiber of her being. Somehow she knows she will always remember these moments and will listen to this music for the rest of her life.
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